Suppressing tics

In previous blogs I’ve mentioned suppressing tics, but not properly talked about it, so as I can’t sleep due to being anxious about surgery later today I thought I’d write a blog to explain. A definition of the word ‘suppress’ is: forcibly put an end to. Which correctly and incorrectly links to suppressing tics. It … More Suppressing tics

‘Tic storms’ (AKA ‘tic fits’ or ‘tic attacks’

Tic storms or tic fits or tic attacks (I’ll call them tic storms as that is my preferred term) are a part of Tourettes that not many people know much about, including professionals. I have no idea if anyone has an estimate of the percentage of people with TS who have tic storms. When I … More ‘Tic storms’ (AKA ‘tic fits’ or ‘tic attacks’