Sensory overload 

I’ve written a blog on here about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)  but I wanted to write a post about something linked to SPD but which causes a worsening of symptoms and pain, that is sensory overload. So to me the world is louder, brighter, smellier than it is for most people. I can’t eat certain … More Sensory overload 

N is for noise-turn the worlds volume down #atozchallenge 

[image description: brown background with a stamp of the A to Z challenge in the background. Writing on the top reads “A to Z participant (2017) then there is a large capital letter ‘N’ in the middle. Below the ‘N’ it reads “blogging from A to Z” below that it reads “ end of image … More N is for noise-turn the worlds volume down #atozchallenge 

The Squease

I have many different products which help me cope each day with my various disabilities. Some of which are designed for that purpose, some which I use differently to the more commercial purpose they are sold for. Some things I use daily, or at all times, some less regularly and a few in certain circumstances. … More The Squease