D is for Dates-history and me  #atozchallenge 

[image description: brown background with a stamp of the A to Z challenge in the background. Writing on the top reads “A to Z participant (2017) then there is a large capital letter ‘D’ in the middle. Below the ‘D’ it reads “blogging from A to Z” below that it reads “http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ end of image … More D is for Dates-history and me  #atozchallenge 

The Liebster Awards

Well it appears I have been nominated for the above award, which I didn’t know existed until this! Thank you to Kai of the blog Kai’s Life in Words for nominating me for this, I am a bit shocked as writing has never been my forte, so I am really grateful to their nomination and for appreciating … More The Liebster Awards