Sensory overload 

I’ve written a blog on here about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)  but I wanted to write a post about something linked to SPD but which causes a worsening of symptoms and pain, that is sensory overload. So to me the world is louder, brighter, smellier than it is for most people. I can’t eat certain … More Sensory overload 


Alexithymia might be something you’ve not heard of. I hadn’t until a few months ago when I watched this video  and realised I have alexithymia. (For reference I think the ‘ask an autistic’ videos are great, I have learnt so much about myself from them) It isn’t a condition in its own right, but is … More Alexithymia 

The Squease

I have many different products which help me cope each day with my various disabilities. Some of which are designed for that purpose, some which I use differently to the more commercial purpose they are sold for. Some things I use daily, or at all times, some less regularly and a few in certain circumstances. … More The Squease


‘Self-stimulatory behaviour, known as stimming’ Stimming is something done to calm, stimulate and express one’s emotions. It is most prevalent in autistic people, but also people with ADHD, SPD, anxiety and various other disabilities may stim. Although on a minor level everyone regardless of disability stims. Ever clicked your pen in a meeting or lesson? … More Stimming