About Me

I’m Oliver a non-binary trans man.  He/him pronouns. I’m demisexual and homoromantic and engaged. I’m autistic, mentally ill in various ways, a Touretter, and have Irlen syndrome, SPD, APD and likely other neurodivergences which aren’t diagnosed. I am also a wheelchair user.

I write about all these things on my blog, and other things too. Essentially I write about what I am passionate about, about aspects of my life, about what I want others to have a better understanding of.

I’m studying part time with the Open University, doing a history degree. Probably no surprise then that my main interest is the Tudor period! I also love history in general (but I am the most passionate about the Tudor period) also love building models, classical music, playing sport (wanting to get back into more sport but not that many disability clubs about) being in the countryside and veggie fish and chips (especially the one from Kim by the Sea)

I’m a French horn player and was a student at the Royal Northern College of Music where I got a diploma of higher education.