Who am I?

I guess firstly I would say I am a human, as equal as the next human, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. 

But who am I, what makes me who I am. I am many things, all important to me, there isn’t really an order to put them in, but here is some of who I am:

trans man
French horn and natural horn player
classical music lover
Tudor obsessed
outdoor lover and lover of the countryside

that is a list which for me is the main things of who I am, there will be more, some others will be able to think of but not me. 
every persons list of who they are will be different, even if we have the same few words on it, no two will be alike. I am me, if you don’t like who I am then you can get out of my life, because I know that the few people in my life who I can truly call family and friends like me for me and that is all that matters, yes we may disagree, but life would be boring if we agreed on everything. 

so that is me. 


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